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The Echosex 2° T7E is not only a simple “Reissue” of the glorious “Old Italian Echo”.. but an improvement of it. Our thinking was about what the well known issues of the old units were, and the different needs of the musicians of today.
Three main principles guided us in designing this unit, keeping always in mind that we wanted to reach two important goals:

– Create a real alternative to buying an old, expensive, unreliable and very rare unit.
– Create a device that really keeps the musicality and creativity of the “Old Italian Echo”.

1)  No mechanical parts in movement: absolute reliability in any condition, with no maintenance needed.
2)  Improved Audio Quality: The insane frequency response of the Echosex 2° T7E, from 7Hz to 161KHz, and the DI Wet Out, make it a modern piece of gear, able to be connected to today highest professional studio grade devices.
3)  With the “Motor Adj.” you have the possibility to increase the overall delay time, reaching around 740ms keeping the Heads in Sync, so to make it suitable for a larger number of musical applications than it’s predecessor.
– The First point is already very clear.. no mechanical parts means no maintenance needed, and this was the main issue for that kind of unit, and it was simply the best engineering way in the 50’s, but today, we have better ways to be used to reproduce the magic without keep the pain of maintenance.

– Improving the Audio Quality was another important goal for us, as the quality of studio gear in the digital era needs very high quality standard for any device, so, we chose to design a Pure Class A preamp section made by Cascode J-FET to obtain the insane 7Hz to 161000 Hz @1db. frequency response range. So an outstanding linearity.

This LET came out the Magic of the “old italian Echo” in any condition.

– With our first Echosex 2°, that will stay available forever, we already demonstrate how that kind of magic could be great if applied to modern needs, by extending the delay time ability to 660ms. Imagine that it is used in records like Toto by Steve Lukather that use it for ALL of his soloing.. he would have never use an “old italian Echo” because it was not suitable for that kind of use having a limited time of 350ms.. So we chose to add also this feature to actual T7E model, and extend its possibilities by the heads combinations. With the Motor Adj. trimpot you can extend the overall delay time, keeping all the combinations syncd. It’s like physically moving the heads around the spinning drum, keeping the same distance from each other…

The “Old Italian Echo” were massively used by a lot of bands, from famous Pros, to thousands of bands over the 60’s and 70’s and often it was the main effect on the PA, shared by all components of the band.. Today the needing of musicians are very different, but we think the unique ability of the “old Italian Echo” are still very actual, in fact our Echosex 2° is actually used by many pros in different musical styles, from Steve Lukather for all of its solos, to Albert Lee for insane country style. What they loved was its unique behavior of being an instrument in its own.. They often described it as a “creativity machine” and we’re sure you will perfectly understand what they mean, after spending some time playing with it.

Power In

Max 500mA

Input Impedance
<1M Ohm

Input Level
1,2 Vpp Max.

Input Attenuation

Output Impedance
<100K Ohm

Output Level

Mix Level
50% max.

S/N Ratio

Tube Type





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